Hunter's Picture Perfect digital imaging technology uses four precision cameras in the aligner "tower" to measure the position and orientation of reflecting targets on each wheel of your car. The aligner computer used this information to calculate your car's current alignment measurements. 

Why Total Alignment?

Reduced Tire Wear

Better Gas Mileage

Improved Handling

Safer Driving

A Few Builds of 2018

 About Us!

Jeff has been doing suspension work for over 20 years. He created the business about 15 years ago and started working for the community. If anyone knows Suspension and its ins and outs, it's us. We take pride in our detailed work on all of our projects. Whether they're everyday alignments, or large builds over a span of weeks. At the top of the page there are links for different aspects of our company. We take great consideration in every situation along with every customer. Our greatest goal is to make sure you are taken care of to the best of our abilities 24/7/365. We value our customers because this is a business and job that always needs to be done correctly and accurately.

If you are interested in anything online, please give us a call at 208-732-5334



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